What is a Parlor Room?

You may be wondering what a parlor room is? Well, me too. Parlour room is another name for a reception space. This would have been the first room visitors would have arrived at when visiting someone back in the day 

parlour reception room
parlour reception room

The word parlour room actually comes from medieval times centering around monasteries. The outer parlour was a place of businesses for monks, and the inner parlour was more of a focal point of conversation. In the 18th century and gerogian times having a reception room was a sign of social status. 

Where does the name parkour come from?

The word actually stems from French ‘parler’ which means to speak. As with the monastery’s usage, it was originally meant to speak with people, as almost an audience reception room if you will. 

Parlor or parlour 

There is an american and uk difference in spelling to parlo(u)r room. This is because the french room was adapted to English and the french spell it either parlour or parlor. This being said I guess either one is right!

Parlor room definition

As we know there are a lot of different uses of the word and people also use the room for different uses too. It is really up to you what to do with your parlour room. It is not to be mixed with a hearth room.

parlor room in pastel
parlor room in pastel

what is a parlor room in a hotel

You may be wondering what is a parlor in a hotel room? This is usually another name for the reception room of a hotel, or it is perhaps a room off from the main reception where people can quietly chat, read and socialise. 

Parlor room what to put in it?

What to put in a parlour room? 

This one is a tricky one. Really the opportunities are endless. We recommend interesting books,like great talking points. As well we could include some great pieces of art, and/or a lovely seat set with a matching table. 

Parlor vs living room

There are a lot of differences to a parlour and living room . First is that the living room will generally have your TV and creature comforts. It is generally meant for people to live in and be lived in. This is why we have our games consoles and what not in this space, as well as books, magazines and more. The parlour on the other hand does not have any of this. Instead of a comfy corner suite, it is much more likely to have a more formal dining set, with a table in order for discussing important matters. 

Difference between parlor and living room

The main difference between these rooms is that one is formal and one is very informal and one is an informal lounging area. This, i would say is the main difference. The formality is important because this would be a place you can talk to acquaintances without the embarrassment of them coming into your home and invading your privacy and space. 

What is a parlor room in a house

We hope you have an idea now what is a parlour room, and maybe now you will want one in your home! Whatever it is, we hope you love it, and it explains what is a parlor room on your house plans. 

View some other types of rooms in mansion house

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What is a hearth room?

What is a hearth room in a house?

First off, you may have heard your classy neighbors, friend of friends or wine aunt talk about how much they want a Hearth Room. But what the f%*k is a hearth room? We are here to discuss this most elusive room and its uses (if any) in this candid review of this space and it’s uses. 

What is a keeping room?

The hearth room was also known as a keeping room. It is becoming popular once again to build them into a house plan because open plan kitchens are so popular.

What is a “hearth room”?

First, let’s start with the basics, describing what actually is a hearth room. As the name may suggest, yes they do include a room with a fireplace in it. Thus a hearth room.

what is a hearth room
what is a hearth room

What is the purpose of a hearth room? Traditionally they were the room that was more casual than a living room, and used mostly for the family to get together around an open fireplace. They were often too situated near the kitchen. I foyu had more of an open plan living space they are often found in the same room as the kitchen. 

What do you call the room with the hearth?

As you may have ascertained by now, the common name would be a hearth room. 

What is a hearth room used for?

Typically this is a relaxed, laid back family space for the close members of the household to use . This room is not for entertaining guests, it is simply a cozy place to sit by the fireplace and keep warm. Perhaps you might read the paper, a good book or even play some board games. 

What is a hearth room in house plans?

You may be wondering What is a hearth room in my house plans? Worry not. It is simply the room where the fireplace is the focal point of the space. So it could also be a dining room or even a living room. Or even part of your open plan kitchen.

How to paint a wood stove in the hearth room?

If you are wanting to paint your log burning stove, you must buy paint that can withstand high temperatures, the last thing you want is your paint burning off and smelling bad. This being said you can find some great spray can paint, or even some specialist stove and BBQ paint for  this task. This will spruce up your hearth room to no end. 

How far should the hearth of a wood-burning fireplace project into a room?

This is a matter of personal taste. I personally was renovating a 16th century cottage which I uncovered a natural fireplace sill and recess. I thought it logical to place the stove and flute here where the fireplace would have originally been. That being said though these days some people even just place them in the middle of the room as a fashion statement. 

What is the best way to decorate a hearth room?

Wondering how to decorate a hearth room? I would suggest first getting a colour scheme together. You then know the heart is going to be the focal point, so with that get going! 

hearth room
hearth room

Wondering ideas on how to decorate a small kitchen hearth room?

You could create the hearth as the accent wall and paint a bold colour around it and have a more neutral all around. It is really up to you. 

Want to know about more rooms in luxury houses?

One thing I would say is invest in some really comfy sofas and chairs to relax in. 
Hope i have explained the hearth room to you guys, so you are no longer left wondering: what is hearth room? Any more!

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20 Types of rooms in a house

Hello and welcome to types of rooms in a house where we aim to identify what types of rooms are in houses. There are many rooms which we all know, obviously such as a living room, bedroom and kitchen. But what about those rooms that don’t appear as much or are not as popular. What about the types of rooms that are obsolete, or maybe only present in a luxury house. We are going to take a deep dive into the different types of rooms, spaces and areas that are present in homes. Exciting, huh?

Description of rooms in a house

Here I am going to talk about the description of the different rooms in a house. This is quite interesting because depending on where you are from you may use different rooms for different things, so it is quite fascinating to see what people do with the space they are given.

Types of rooms in a mansion

Now you may think that types of rooms are different in a mansion, but they aren’t actually that different. The thing about mansions is that they are big, yes but they are not always that luxurious or have anything extra that  a regular house would not. A mansion may have a grand staircase and an entrance hall. It may also have certain house areas that are not accessible to all guests. 

  • Bedroom – This is where people mainly sleep and unwind. You may also find a TV in here. 
  • Bathroom – A lovely bathroom is great. It has to be designed well and have a flare. It also should be built to last, and have a design that can last for quite a while. 
  • En suite – This is brilliant if you have a lot of guests round. Sharing bathrooms can get awkward, and an en suite bathroom takes the awkwardness away.
  • Conservatory – lovely if you like to grow plants and have a place to sit. 
  • Living room – the main room to unwind and watch tv
  • Dining room – A lovely place to sit and dine out in the comfort of your own home. 


  • Kitchen – Cooking is some people’s best hobby and a great place to let your creative and flare flow into the food. It can also be a place to wash dishes and prepare meals
  • Wine cellar – this can be great and doesn’t have to be too large. A wine cellar will make your dinner parties be amazing and transformative. 
  • Garage – if you have cars, or a summer car , or even a motorbike that you like to tinker away on, this can be fantastic. A garage is a great place to store things like paints, oil and car parts.

House areas

There are actually many different types of house areas, as well as rooms. These can include shared space such as a kitchen, garden or living room. Can also include aspects such as servants quarters, and areas people such as guests would not go .This may also include guest wings, guest bedrooms and more. There will be different areas depending on what house areas there are.

Types of rooms in a luxury house

This again can be slightly different depending on the house,and where you are in the world, but basically a luxury house builds on that of a mansion, and adds slightly more luxury here. So we may find additional rooms and extras such as a games room, a billiard room and a wine cellar.

  • Conservatory
  • Games room
  • Wine cellar
  • Attic
  • Pool room
  • Psychomanteum
  • Sauna
  • Hearth room
  • Parlor Room
  • Master bedroom

girl in bedroom
girl in bedroom

  • Master bathroom
  • Home cinema
  • Mud room. 
  • Larder
  • Butlers pantry

Different rooms in a house images

You may not be able to picture this. So let me show you some images that pertain to some of the rooms I have just mentioned. Pictures of different types of rooms in a house are sometimes hard to come by because it is not every day that random strangers with big houses let you into their home, but let me tell you. We are here today to show you some of the most top quality houses on the market. 

Different rooms in a house chart

So, you need to think about these different rooms. For some, open plan living is optimal, but even with this, you may think and consider that you want a larder or a pantry to keep some things away from guests. That being said we can also add that some things may not be necessary, for instance a home sauna or gym, you may not do too many sports. 

Dream house room list

If you are planning on living in your dream house. You need a bit more luxury than your normal basic home. Here are some rooms we think you need to think about and include when you are going to buy a home. 

girl in garage
girl in garage

  • Butler’s pantry – If you are going to be entertaining, you must get one of these. Even if you don’t have a butler or a servant, it can be useful in preparing meals, drinks and morte. 
  • Indoor pool – An indoor pool is a must. This is so brilliant because it can be used in all weathers seasons and days, as well as this it is an exceptional way to keep fit as well as healthy. To add to this, if you want to have a pool party, this is perfect!
  • Home gym – a home gym is also a must if you are wanting to keep fit. This promotes you to train at home when you may not want to train at the gym.
  • Keeping room – A relaxed room second to a living room, where you can kick back and put your feet up. 

Rooms in a house worksheet

You may want to test yourself on rooms in a house, you can find worksheets on this here. 

Parts of home

Really, a house is a home when you make it a home. We hope some of the parts of the homes have made an impression on you and maybe you will get some new ideas on homes. This is great because it is important to get what you want when searching for buying a property. 

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Top 10 Tastiest Holiday Destinations in France 2020

France is the epitome of fun and enjoyment. It is a destination with a fantastic culture, excellent gastronomy, and beautiful landscape. It is also where you find the Eiffel tower, as well as the Louvre museum, my best spot whenever I want to have a silent and meaningful day. That means there are plenty of destinations to pick from if you are planning to travel to this nation. With that in mind, here are the top ten tastiest places in France to visit in 2020.


The beauty and setting of Beaujolais are alluring to any traveller. I found the region to have exorbitant plenty of places to visit, dine, and drink. Wine tours in the area are elaborate with distinct stops along the 140km wine route. My most intriguing reminisce about this destination is its excellent wine selection. The crispy nature of its château Thivin Côte de Brouilly wine is fantastic.

It is a drink I found enjoyable with hints of peppermint notes gushing from its velvety texture. Each bottle of wine here unlocks your taste buds by unleashing remarkable flavours that feature a bubblegum scent, my favourite. I took most of the wines while seated under a shade with a cool breeze and fresh scents of grapes whiffing through my nose.

Saint Tropez

St. Tropez is a beautiful place to visit with a group. The location is calm, with many breathtaking sites like Plage Port Grimaud and Escalet beach. I spent most of my time at Chateau des Marres and honestly, the place is a gem and sanctuary of ultimate experience.

The estate blends different grapes to achieve a distinct wine taste suitable for wine connoisseurs. The winery shares its tradition through its ancient yet divine wine crafting methods. I got to sip a glass of Cuvee 2s rose wine, which displayed perfect peach aromas and a balance of acidity, making every gulp memorable.

Loire Valley

Loire Valley is a haven of beautiful antique buildings, lush green vegetation, and magnificent castles. It is home to Brédif Marc (ETS), and Chateau de Miniere wineries that serve plenty of fabulous wines. If you are a fan of quintessential French wines, then you are going to enjoy Loire valley. I did visit the Chateau de Miniere winery, the home to excellent wine, and a variety of delectable dishes. The combination of traditional heritage with modernity swept me off my feet and made the whole experience unique.


Provence is where I get solace whenever I visit France. I’m not in love with this place just for its warm weather, colourful streets, and lavender scents that linger in the atmosphere. The beautiful wine tasting sites that this place offers is phenomenal, and it makes me fall deeper for this place. These wineries select wines depending on how well it pairs with a particular meal.

I love to visit this area for high-quality wines like Couture Brut, which offer rich tastes with smooth feels. I often pair it with spicy dishes to get that heavenly feel with earthy notes. The subtle acidity and the nutty aroma always make my heart delightful.


Champagne is a gem when it comes to offering the best experience to any traveller. For most wine enthusiasts, this place features on the list of top ten tastiest destinations in France due to its strategic location, mouthwatering foods, and great atmosphere. It is where I fell in love with the celebrated Michelin starred Le Grand Cerf restaurant that serves both traditional and international delicacies.

What intrigues me about this place are the open windows that radiate natural light and the superb seating arrangement. I always find the place comfortable and welcoming whenever I visit to enjoy bottles of pinot noir, which come with a beautiful blend of flavours. Sometimes when with friends, I like to opt for a private dining room to magnify our splendid experience.


Colmar’s beauty is synonymous with every French citizen. The various wineries available in the region makes it one of the most famous wine locations in France. My most preferred stop is at the Zind Humbrecht. That is where I get my forever favourite 2017 Zind wine. The site sits majestically on a hillside with tracks of land surrounding it.

That makes it a perfect place to enjoy the subtle floral notes and citrus palate of the wine. Moreover, this place satiates my love for an uninterrupted view of green land and beautiful surroundings.

Cotes du Rhone

Cotes du Rhone is one of the most famous wine regions, thanks to its beautiful scenery and serene environment. It is also where the appellation Cotes du Rhone Blanc originates. The wine hints a scent of stone fruits combined with some trace of floral notes. What always impresses me is its creaminess and liquorice flavour that makes it smooth and soothing.

Cotes du Rhone is where I go whenever I’m craving delicious wines. I never forget to carry my notebook just in case I come across a drink that intrigues my wine-loving soul.


The simplicity and charming nature of Languedoc-Roussillon make it an incredible destination that I can never miss on my list of wineries. The unique feature of Languedoc-Roussillon is its affordability. Their plush accommodations astound me, and the beautiful high-end décor makes me feel like a king.

They always have a variety of wines, including Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, and Sauvignon Blanc wines. The clear skies and warm climate make me yearn for a glass of blanton bourbon.


No wine enthusiast or connoisseur doesn’t have Bordeaux on their list of places to visit in France. The area houses some of the famous wineries on the planet. Here is where I bumped into Château Haut-Brion and Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion wineries. Their dry Cabernet Sauvignon wines never fail to amuse me.

They come with vanilla, blueberry, blackberry, and black cherry flavours. It is a beautiful location to enjoy lengthy wine tours and other special activities. The best time to visit this place is from the beginning of September to mid-October. That is when the weather is favourable, and fun activities are plenty.


Lastly, you must tour Burgundy whether you are a fan of tasty red wines or dry white wine. The location contains a variety of Pinot Noir wines and lovely Chardonnay wines. What makes Burgundy a place to behold are the amazing wine tours that it offers.

The wine region is vast in comparison to other wine regions; that’s why I always set aside at least five days whenever I tour. The wine discussions always leave me stunned. It is an incredible place to have a pleasant and exciting stay.

There is no way you can end up having a dull day while visiting any of the destinations mentioned above. I have never been bored, and that’s why I always keep on visiting these places again and again. Each location comes with its uniqueness. While some have only a few blends, others like Bordeaux and Cotes du Rhone grow multiple types of grapes, featuring a wide variety of wines.

If you are the party type, how about checking out some of these cities?

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Top 10 Party Cities To Go Clubbing In Europe

If we talk about nightlife and nocturnal activities and exclude Europe from the list, it would be a grave mistake! Europe is in its league of clubbing, partying, pubs, and bars name any. Europeans have learned the art of partying. You can find the best nightlife in the world in alleys, lanes and underground in these cities.

Image Source

If you count yourself as a party animal, you surely know what we are talking about – And yes! It includes the best 4s — Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, and Belgrade. Yet are more than that. We have made a list of the top 10 party cities of Europe you should visit for A-grade nightlife!

Berlin, Germany

One can easily say Berlin is the party capital of Europe! Berlin is the premier city for clubbing and nightlife in the world. The party never stops here! It just starts when the clock hits 1 am and ends up strong till the sun rises. Berlin is home to greatest DJs – giving out the world’s finest club music. The day-time goes by brunches, lunches in the elated market places. It’s easy to start a party in Berlin while eating up a mouthful of Bohme. Yes! The food and alcohol are cheapest in Berlin.

Image Source

attractions –

  • Berghain
    & Panorama Bar
  • Katerholzig
  • Watergate
  • Sisyphos
  • Salon
    Zur Wilden Renate

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the city of the night owls. The locals have a patented style of eating late dinners, partying till daylight, and sleeping until the sun reaches overhead. The tourists from all over the world come to Barcelona for the same experience. The Spanish have set high bars on how a nightlife should be with music ranging from soft jazz to electronic techno!

party cities


Best attractions –

  • Pacha
  • Sala
  • Opium
  • Razzmatazz
  • La

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is known for its classic ruin bars. Ruin bars are bars made on old huge desolate buildings and spaces. The vibes of night time are not ghastly but of loud music, alcohol essence, and vibrant lights. Budapest is famous for both parties! These parties are held in thermal baths of the city and are quite known as summer spa night parties!

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Mazel
  • Racskert
  • Szechenyi
    Spa Baths
  • Otkert
  • Instant

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a lesser-known city offering the best nightlife in the world. The happy hours never end in Belgrade, as alcohol is cheap. Every type of person has something to do in this city. There is no said discrimination – not in music, gender, drink, and food. The summer parties are the bomb in Belgrade; they are over floating river clubs called Serbian Kafanas. The locals are out of the world when it comes to partying!

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • 20/24
  • KC
  • Barutana
  • Martinez
  • Drugstore

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is notorious all over the world for its wildest parties. The best summer beach parties in the world are in Ibiza. Greatest artists, significant clubs, DJs play on the beach with thousands of people partying day and night. Ibiza has its genre of festivals, fun, carnival, holidays, and drinks. And of course, many celebrities join the festival alongside you just in Ibiza.

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Hi
  • Ushuaia
  • Eden
  • Amnesia
  • Pacha


Amsterdam is well-known for its relaxing coffee shop image, but when it comes to nightlife, one of the best festivals and clubs is in this city. The music and vibes are tailor-made for every kind, literally! The top clubhouses play hip-hop, deep house, techno, and trance. When it comes night, parties don’t miss the infamous Red Light District and for exclusive clubbing Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Amsterdam is also one of the expensive places to party too!

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Sugarfactory
  • Clarie
  • Club
  • De
  • Radion

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is for insomniac party doers and beer lovers. If you love beer, you should absolutely not miss Prague. The city is famous for cheap beer and the most affordable nightlife – yet! The quality of nightlife doesn’t damp down. The pub culture is euphoric for mellow dancers and drinkers. The underground clubs and bars add music to the city nightlife. One of the biggest clubs in Europe – Karlovy Lazne is part of Prague’s crazy nightlife.

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Karlovy
  • Sasazu
  • Retro
  • Lucerna
  • Duplex

Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece is infamous for luxury salons, shops, and boutiques; the very essence of Thessaloniki is fashion and luxury. Don’t let it stop you here; this Greek city holds the best summer parties in the world since forever! It’s no surprise in these beautiful towns the nightlife is great! The discos and pretentious bars define the meaning of a lux party.

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Club
  • Matter
  • Club
    Le Freak
  • La
    Rosa Negra
  • Bedroom

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is a resort and port island in Croatia. Hvar and nearby Islands are just beautiful destinations to tourists worldwide. And are also the hotspots for clubbing and night parties. In summer, yachts overflow in the bay area where all the extravagant parties are! The golden beaches on the islands are just for the most exotic parties in Europe!

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Pink
  • Hula
  • Carpe
  • Veneranda
  • Central
    Park Club

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa is a lesser-known European destination. This Cyprus town is just scenic and panoramic. Yet it is the top party destination. Ayia Napa has relatively over 80 clubs and bars – which are overruns by people of a range of tastes. The beachside parties are fancy and stylish! Dance on the azure blue waterfront with low-fi reggae, Indie, and rock playing alongside should be on everyone’s cross-list.

Image Source

Best attractions –

  • Club
  • Blue
    Moon Bar
  • Carwash
  • Castle
  • SOHO

Europe hosts the most well-renowned party cities. And let’s be fair to have a great time you can have in any said city. But to the unforgettable best time, you have to consider cities made for exclusive partying activities. So don’t hold back! Plan your next party in these European cities!

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11 Home decor ideas for small spaces

It is the age of minimalism and compact
spaces. With living spaces getting smaller, people are running helter-skelter
to find compact furniture that is multipurpose as well.

There are many items readily available in the
market that need minimal space and can store a tonne of things. Also, small
spaces don’t have to be borning. It is possible to have enough place for your
stuff as well as some decor items as well. The key here is to be as creative as

Having a small space is very advantageous. A small
apartment means not having too many areas to clean up. Also, you wouldn’t have
to spend a bomb in doing up the place as well. It also means no more uninvited
guests!!! It surely is a win-win.

If you have recently acquired a small but cute
place of your own, we will help you out with some ideas.

Here are some amazing decor ideas for small spaces-If you have a small space, having furniture pieces with more than one utility will help you have some free room to move about. The best way to use this tip is to find a comfortable sofa-cum-bed. If you are not satisfied with this, you can even opt for a small settee for seating and a single compact bed.

(Image source)

The biggest challenge in a small living space is that you may never have enough storage space. You can easily overcome this problem by opting for space-saving furniture that gives you a room for extra storage. Top shelves in the closet or under the bed are great.

Walls are your best friend when it comes to decorating your small space. Putting anything up on walls will give you maximum floor space. Use cabinets on the walls to store your stuff. You can also hang a plank on the wall and use it as your work desk or study table.

Image Source

Mirrors are a great way to decorate small spaces. A full-length mirror at strategic places will make your space larger. Just adding a shelve near it will double up as your space-saving dresser.

Corner bathroom shelves are a great way to jazz up your small bathroom. They not only look great but are also quite functional. You would not need any more shelves to store your toiletries if you got one of these.

Decorate your small space with big statement pieces. It will give an illusion of a larger area. Be it a wall painting or statement lighting pieces, “go big or go home” should be one thumb rule you should follow while decorating your small space.

(Image source)

Adding a colossal rug or a carpet will make your small space look cozy and inviting. You can even throw in some colorful pillows and make it as seating for visitors if you do not have enough space for a sofa. Make sure you regularly Vacuum it though to keep it clean.

Have a small balcony but dream of having a garden? No worries? You can easily convert your balcony into a vertical garden. There are tonnes of materials available online that will help you have a drooly worthy vertical garden in no time. Make sure to add an outdoor pendant lighting to complete the look.

(Image source)

It may be tricky to decorate your kitchen space without making it look cramped. However, having some stackable kitchen cabinet organizers are great to make your kitchen look trendy as well as functional. They are especially pleasing to the eyes if you have an open kitchen.

If your small space has a lot of doors, it may be wise to replace them with partial glass ones. Unnecessary walls between the kitchen and dining space, for example, maybe useless. You can replace such a wall with a simple glass partition, which is both functional and will add to the decor as well.

Wallpapers are excellent to decorate a small space. They not only accentuate the area but also make it look roomy. Do make sure to match your wallpaper with your upholstery. The best way to ensure your area does not look too flashy is to opt for neutral colors.


You can quickly turn small spaces into
visually appealing and functional with these tips. Make sure to play with
lighting to make your space look larger. Also, having enough ventilation will
make it a great gift as your area would become cozy

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Dazzling Colours Of Autumn- How To Prepare Your Home For A Fantastic Fall

So, the time has come. It’s time to ditch the SPF in return for soft cashmere jumpers and evenings spent enjoying a thick homemade hot chocolate, layered with whipped cream. 

Yes, fall is here!

It may take some time to adjust both emotionally and physically to this unfortunate and drastic change. But it is okay… we are all in this together.

To help you prepare, below are some of our top tips to getting the home ready for the new season. Helping you to be ready for when the winds start rolling in, and cloud cover is as bright as the day gets.

From the addition of texture to your home, whether this being velvet seating to the importance of Autumnal scents, read our simple tips on having a memorable and delightful Autumn and how to best to decorate your home. 

Get The Colour Scheme

One of the most prominent aspects of autumn is the gorgeous selection of colours that scatter themselves along pavements and streets. Not just suited to the colour of leaves, Autumnal colours can nicely glide their way through any home with some thought and creativity.

We all know the beautiful colours, from the various shades of red and yellow, to the warming orange and browns. Igniting the emotions of warmth and comfort, there is something relaxing about these typically Autumn related colours. 

Allowing these delicate colours to flow gently through your home this autumn season will be sure to add a layer of warmth after a long day in the cold. 

Interior Design Your Way Through The Cold

It may be getting chillier by the minute outside, but that doesn’t mean your home has to replicate this. There are many ways in which you can create the perfect fall setting from bedroom dressers to your bathroom vanity. From the simplest accessories, to the more heavy duty decor, allowing you to truly capture the season and all of its beauty.

Create a display

For some added Autumn style, and to make a feature out of the change of seasons, start by creating a display. Choosing a spot that can be enjoyed and appreciated, either place your fall display by the front door or in the centre of the dining room. 

Adding a mixture of pumpkins and small gourds, consider adding some white pumpkins for added drama. To the Autumn display, fresh fallen leaves and scented candles are also well received, helping to create the perfect entrance, warming and embracing you after a long day. 

Foliage Display

There is something special about a foliage display in the home. For those wanting to bring the outdoors into their home this Autumn, look no further than a foliage display. 

By using Autumnal plants with a mixture of yellow and orange leaves, why not consider using a pumpkin as a base to store the foliage? Looking superb in the centre of the coffee table or on the mantelpiece, turn your foliage display into a focus piece. Fitting perfectly into all styles of home, an Autumn foliage display is best paired alongside some tall, brass candlestick and some mini squashes. 

Textures Are Your Best Friend

Just as we layer up to brave the colder weather and to keep warm, do the exact same with the home! We may have indoor heating and radiators, however the houses’ aesthetic doesn’t need to resemble that of a crisp, clean area with plain white walls and wooden flooring. Throw some textures and layers into the home to make it feel cosy and inviting. 

Pillows and blankets 

It’s not hard to make the home feel that little bit more autumnal. Simple to do, simply add a tier of large pillows along the lounger, or drape faux fur blankets to act as throws for the armchair.

Along with looking superb, these additions come in handy when getting cosy, snuggling up to watch a film on a grey Autumn’s evening.


For those with a higher budget, or perhaps you are just crazy about Autumn, then why not consider swapping your seating for something a little cosier? Rather than a leather sofa, opt instead for a thick fabric settee made from either cord or crushed velvet to provide the best area to snuggle into while feeling like you’re on a cloud. And why not pair it with a matching velvet footstool, helping to bring the whole collection together and add a touch of elegance to your comfort, for a more enjoyable evening. 

The perfect finishing tip would be to switch out the cotton and linen for the luxurious velvets and knits to make the home nice and toasty. 

Pumpkins Arrangement 

Subtle and fun, embrace the fun of fall and consider the addition of Pumpkin arrangements around your home. Found of small side tables and corners, add miniature pumpkin displays to cheer you up as you go about your home. When creating a pumpkin arrangement, add some live plants into to mix.


One of the cosiest things on a dark evening while the rain is pouring and the heating is on full blast, is the addition of some lights around the home. These can be in the form of lamps or ceiling lights in an inviting reading corner, to candles dotted around the bathroom. 

When using lighting to brighten up our home during the darker months, we recommend creating a lighting display. By placing fairy lights into glass jars and dotting them around the house, you can create an enchanting and relaxing zone to spend your evenings. When creating a light display, use old jam jars, terrariums and glass bowls. 

Seasonal produce display

Autumn is a fantastic time of the year. Not just for the changing colour of the leaves, but also in the produce that can be harvested. From squashes, pumpkins, apples to green beans, create a display with fresh seasonal produce in the centre of your dining table or the counters in your kitchen. 

For a finishing touch to your seasonal product display, consider adding a pinecone and cloves of cinnamon.

Autumn Scents

The importance of smell is an important and key feature in your home. One of the first things that you experience when walking in through the front door, be hit by a delightful and tantalizing smell when returning home. From pumpkin spice to cinnamon, to create that Autumn aroma to savor, consider lighting a fire, for that wood burning scent that fits hand in hand with Autumn. 

Lay the table

Make your dining table the centre of your home this Autumn and lay it for a season of delicious dinners and entertaining evenings. Whether you are serving dinner for your family, or entertaining guests, lay your table for an evening of laughter and memory making. 

By setting the table with glasses, placemats, napkins and with a centre display, you can invite and excite guests as they sit down to sample your home-cooked treats . Pairing a pumpkin orange with brass and gold tones, you can add a sophisticated and autumn feel to your dining room. 

With pumpkin napkin holders and the addition of fallen leaves to your table, this is the perfect opportunity to try something new and to have some fun with your decor. 

Arts and Crafts

Along with being a superb way to spend an afternoon, for some Autumn magic and to create a fun and homely area for the family to enjoy, consider framing and displaying your children’s Autumn work. 

From fallen leaves used to create a fall collage to leaf printing, create memories and decorate your home with homemade art. 


Saluting the summer goodbye, does not have to be sad. Although we will all miss the summer, with a few simple techniques, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere to hibernate in. 

By preparing for the upcoming autumnal months, and by improving the style of your home decor, you can add some excitement and charm to your home. 

By getting creative and staying active, you can create an exciting and enjoyable Autumn for not just yourself, but family and guests. 

Like our ideas, share with us how you plan to update the decor of your home this Autumn.

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Restaurant Design Tips for a Better Customer Experience

A restaurant is more than chairs and tabletops. Comfort and ambiance set the tone of your dining room, and have proven to be just as important as great food and great customer service. Things like furniture, tableware, noise reduction, and storage are all considerations that should be placed in your restaurant design.

Whether you are looking
for new ways to improve your existing dining room, or designing your new
establishment from scratch, here are essential restaurant design tips that will
help you influence your guests and make the most out of their customer

Avoid Table-Crowding

It might be tempting to
squeeze in one or two more
tabletops into
your dining room, especially when the amount of seating capacity your dining
room can handle equals dollars during the high-points of the day. But things
that look good on paper don’t always work out well in reality. While you want
to have enough seats to accommodate your guests, you also want people to
comfortably enjoy their experience. It’s especially important for formal dining
areas to focus on atmosphere and character.

Take the time to examine how your tables, wait-stations, and floor decorations are spaced out. Can your guests comfortably walk through to other areas? Is there easy access and maneuverability for wheelchairs or strollers? A good rule of thumb for your restaurant dining space is to leave at least 24” between the corners of your tables.

Don’t Forget the

Never underestimate the
power of great tableware. Glasses, plates, silverware, and even napkins are one
of the first impressions your guests receive when they sit at your tables.
Skimping on tableware often leaves the impression of a cheap establishment, and
your customers will notice.

If your dining experience
is more formal, you may opt for thicker and more weighted plates and
silverware. If your restaurant is more relaxed, you may decide to serve your
food in baskets. Your tableware should be a reflection of your brand and an
extension of your overall design. Let your restaurant’s personality guide you
and don’t be afraid to get creative when making tableware design decisions.

Select Sturdy Furniture

When choosing restaurant tabletops and chairs for your restaurant, look for designs that are easy to clean and maintain. Intricate designs and carvings can make a statement but are more difficult to

clean and rid of debris.
The same goes for fabric booths and chairs. If you decide to go this route,
it’s important to have your fabric treated with stain resistant and budget
professional cleanings throughout the year.

If your dining area is on the smaller side, booths are a great way to save space and maximize seating capacity. Just like restaurant tables and chairs, booths come a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, with the ability to be customized to fit any concept.

Consider Dining Room Noise

How much noise
can you hear in your dining room? Some restaurants are well-suited for a loud
ambience, like casual dining or bar & grills. Others, such as fine dining
establishments, reveal a quieter, more intimate setting.

The floor and ceiling design of your restaurant can have a significant impact on the noise in your dining room. Sound will echo off of wood and tile floors and tabletops, along with high ceilings. When your restaurant fills with staff and customers, the noise can be more than you anticipated. Consider the type of noise that will best represent your restaurant concept. If needed, add carpeted areas and lower ceilings to reduce unwanted echoes and amplified sounds.

Make Room for Storage

Many new business owners
forget to make room for storage space when they are designing the restaurant of
their dreams. Adequate, easy-access to storage is an important aspect of your
restaurant operation and the smooth function of your staff.

Before you decide on how
much space is enough, consider the purchasing process of your goods. Do you
plan on receiving small deliveries on a weekly or biweekly basis? Or do you
receive deliveries in bulk once a month? It’s also important that your storage
is easily accessible and away from high-traffic areas. Keep more commonly-used
items near workstations where staff can get them quickly and the rest in the
back of the restaurant.

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7 Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget

Everyone dreams of a beautiful home. We all flip through magazines looking at beautiful home interiors, their wallpaper, well-curated sofas, and cushions. Not all of us have a lot of money to splurge on expensive architectures, wall arts, etc. to make our home beautiful. Giving a modern, classic touch to your home is trying on a tight budget. But there are few techniques shared by interior designers that can make any home elegant without spending a bundle.

Let’s look at a few tips and tricks to make your home look elegant on a budget.

1. Crown Molding

You can change the decor of any room dramatically by crown molding. Crown moulding is a stylish decoration to your home that can make it look high-end in an instance. It adds definition and a historical flavour to a room. Without this, the place seems unfinished. The plastic and paintable crown mouldings are very economical.

By adding crown moulding to your wall, it adds an impression of a taller and larger room. For a seamless look of crown moulding, make sure that while installing, it gets the right cuts at the right angles. You can use crown moulding in kitchen cabinets, shelves, bedroom headboard, around the mounted TV, etc.

2. Wall arts

Hanging art or photo frames on a wall can spice up the entire room. Before deciding on wall art, you must decide on the wall on which you want to place it. An excellent trick to choose the size of wall art is the width of the wall, minus 5-10 inches on each side. If you have a massive empty wall, then instead of buying a huge wall art piece(which can be expensive), buy pieces that you can display as collages.

Wall arts come in different forms like framed art, unframed canvas, metal objects, and sculptures. Get creative with your wall by making your art and get it framed at a local craft store. Wall art can be soothing, and relaxing to have in the home. To read more about mindful interior design; click here.

3. Higher ceilings

An inexpensive way to make a room look spacious and open is to give an illusion of a higher ceiling. You can give this illusion by raising the window panels. Mount the window panel just below the ceiling and add a fabric that compliments the wall. Let the fabric hang down to the floor.

Choose the color of the window panel similar to the ceiling. Doing so prevents any separation line between roof and panel. Another way to create an illusion of a higher ceiling is to go vertical. When the arts you hang in your room are taller than in width, it creates a difference. 

 4. Lighting

Make your home attractive by giving the right lighting. It is a refreshing change to see your room in new lights. A small yet significant difference in the brightness of your room is an easy and inexpensive method to add elegance to your home. Add designer chandeliers instead of the standard lightings.

You can get high-end chandeliers at an economical price in the flea markets and second-hand stores. You can give a high-end modern makeover with some creative tricks. Use a drum shade as a chandelier to get a custom look lighting. Adding fresh paint can make dull lighting, look like a new one. Increase the type of lights like table lamps, floor lamps, or LED wall lights around the home adds more elegance.

5. Declutter

De-cluttering your space is a simple way for a distinguished home makeover. The most affordable ideas for a beautiful home is to regularly clean and de-clutter your space. Regular vacuuming and dusting of pillows, lighting’s, accessories, flooring, paint, rugs, etc. will make your room look brighter. Create some space in your home by getting rid of old, stained carpets, which gives a warm and welcoming appeal to the place. Also, clean the windows to let in natural, bright light fill the room.

6. Paint and wallpaper

paint and wallpaper
Paint and Wallpaper Image Source

Painting the walls is a budget-friendly way to get a high-end looking home decor. Choose a color palette of one-two colors that flows throughout your room. Using primary one-two colors will reduce the waste of paint. Make sure that the two colors compliment each other and go with the furnishing in your home. Wallpapers are an excellent alternative instead of paint in flat areas. To keep the walls looking classy, choose a wallpaper that has a lustre sheen, glossy hint to it. 

7. Focus on faucets

Do not ignore the bathroom. Wallet-friendly changes in the bathroom by displaying little artefacts can make a huge difference. Add a mirror with intricate designs, shower curtains, towel bars, good quality mats, and soap cases that will change the look of any small, dull bathroom. Keep the bathroom wall colours neutral to highlight the artefacts.


The above seven tips are economical ways to transform your home. Before starting to change the decor of your home, check your budget. Plan everything according to your budget. Shop from small stores, instead of malls. Look for room decor, inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest, which will help you in finalizing a look for your home. Let your creativity flow in, and you will be surprised to see your house elegant and beautiful in a budget.

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How to Clean Your Home Office

While you may have done a great job at designing your perfect home office, you soon found out it was all in vain. You can see nothing underneath that pile of papers, magazines, bills, newspapers, files, cords and cables, and gadgets.

You want to enjoy working from home, but right now it just feels like a trap and you want nothing more than to get out of there. Your productivity drops below ground every time you enter your home office and your business meetings definitely happen at a coffee shop.

Take Back Your Home Office

Cleaning your home office doesn’t just mean you swipe it all around and you get back to work. A clean home office is organized. And you’ve learned this the hard way. So get ready and get going, because you can definitely clean your home office.

  1. Declutter all Paper 

This might be the hardest part and definitely the one that will take the most effort. But, if your desk office drawers and cabinets are cluttered, there is only one way to go about this: gather everything in the middle of the room.

It sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? And it’s scary once you have them all there. Things improve fast, believe me. 

When everything is gathered, get your trash bin and your paper shredder and start working: 

  • Take each file and place it in its rightful stack/organizer. Newspapers, magazines – you know where they need to go.
  • Keep all financial documents (personal and business-related ones) for now.
  • Once you have all your piles sorted out, it’s time to dive into each of them.
  • It’s your business so you know how you want documents organized: by client/by date/by billing cycle. The choice is yours as long as you keep it this way at all times.
  • Sort out financial documents – I kept this at the end since it’s a tricky one. Most of us don’t know how long a document is valid or useful and we keep bills and sometimes we keep bills and receipts for longer than needed. So here it is:
    • Credit card statements – One month. Make sure they’re accurate first.
    • Medical bills – One year.
    • Bank Statements – One year. Make sure they’re accurate.
    • Pay stubs – One year. After you get your W-2 and make sure everything checks out, you can throw them away.
    • Investment Statements – One year. Keep the annual statements instead.
    • Tax returns and supporting documents – Seven years. This can be a bummer, I know. However, canceled checks and receipts need to be kept this long. Make sure you organize them by your yearly tax return.
  • Once everything is set, you can place the files and boxes where they belong. 
  • If you have clients crossing the 1-year threshold, consider creating separate storage. Your business archive. 

Pro Tip: Some documents are more important than others. For those special ones, keeping them in an accessible fire-proof file cabinet could be a good option. 

2. Throw Away – Redundancy is NOT Required

Once you have sorted out every paper in your home office, you need to get to everything else. Empty your desk and gather every non-paper item you have on it. 

You know the saying: “If you want peace, prepare for war”. You’ve done it with paper, you can do it again.

Separate things into categories. And now take a look:

  • Do you have more than 1 stapler?
  • Do you keep bent paper clips because you feel “you might use them again”?
  • Do you have 5 sets of blocknotes?
  • And you found 37 pens! Where did they come from, since whenever you’re looking for one, they’re all gone!

And you wondered how your desk got so crowded.

Now, keep 1 of each item bigger than your hand. 2-3 of smaller items. And throw everything else away! No, do not keep them in your bottom drawer! Give them away, sell them, but do not keep them!

And while you were emptying your desk, you suddenly realised half of it is blocked by your computer, keyboard, mouse, printer, fax, scanner, monitor , and a pile of cables.

This part is a bit tricky, depending on where you are financially. If you have a stable, profitable business, consider investing in an All-in-one computer and a 3-in-1 printer/scanner/fax. This will clear up valuable office space, no matter if it’s on your desk or on other pieces of furniture. 

3. Organize Everything

Even if you mastered cleaning your home office, you need to keep it this way. And your previous habits didn’t do much to help, did they? This is why you need to establish a workflow and set yourself some ground rules to work by.

Otherwise, it will be less than one month until you’re back in the same chaos.

First, start off with your filling system. Choose whatever system fits you better:

  • Alphabetically
  • By date
  • By billing cycle
  • By color
  • By topic

Make sure to keep this structure within your folders and to separate the files in each however you see fit, although by date seems to be the best option. This way, you will easily be able to archive files once they’ve passed their need and even throw them away when they’re no longer needed.

And while this is manageable, keeping track of new work can be challenging. And repeating the cleanup process too often is not desirable.

So, you can implement the following workflow or adapt it to better fit your needs. You will need:

  • A paper letter tray – 3 drawers should be enough
  • A filing cabinet

Once a new assignment comes in, place it on the top drawer of your letter tray. This is your “inbox” or “to-do” drawer. They could be letters, bills, assignments, etc. No piece of paper should stay for more than a couple of days here. 

The second drawer should be your “current projects” one. Some might take longer than others. However, this is where your “to-do’s” should end up. 

The third one is your “outbox”. Once you have completed a task/project, it should go here. And this is the most important one. Because once a week you need to file these documents or throw away what’s no longer needed.

Your goal is to keep these drawers updated. Not empty, because it wouldn’t be good for business. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the thought that everything needs to be spotless. Just build up your workflow.

4. Personalize Your Office

A home office has the advantage of it being yours. Which means you can make it your own! Add pictures on your walls! Bring your favorite succulents or house-plants in and enjoy it. Make your mark! 

Remember though!

You need to keep it simple. That’s if you don’t want to clean your home office again!

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