What is a Parlor Room?

You may be wondering what a parlor room is? Well, me too. Parlour room is another name for a reception space. This would have been the first room visitors would have arrived at when visiting someone back in the day 

parlour reception room
parlour reception room

The word parlour room actually comes from medieval times centering around monasteries. The outer parlour was a place of businesses for monks, and the inner parlour was more of a focal point of conversation. In the 18th century and gerogian times having a reception room was a sign of social status. 

Where does the name parkour come from?

The word actually stems from French ‘parler’ which means to speak. As with the monastery’s usage, it was originally meant to speak with people, as almost an audience reception room if you will. 

Parlor or parlour 

There is an american and uk difference in spelling to parlo(u)r room. This is because the french room was adapted to English and the french spell it either parlour or parlor. This being said I guess either one is right!

Parlor room definition

As we know there are a lot of different uses of the word and people also use the room for different uses too. It is really up to you what to do with your parlour room. It is not to be mixed with a hearth room.

parlor room in pastel
parlor room in pastel

what is a parlor room in a hotel

You may be wondering what is a parlor in a hotel room? This is usually another name for the reception room of a hotel, or it is perhaps a room off from the main reception where people can quietly chat, read and socialise. 

Parlor room what to put in it?

What to put in a parlour room? 

This one is a tricky one. Really the opportunities are endless. We recommend interesting books,like great talking points. As well we could include some great pieces of art, and/or a lovely seat set with a matching table. 

Parlor vs living room

There are a lot of differences to a parlour and living room . First is that the living room will generally have your TV and creature comforts. It is generally meant for people to live in and be lived in. This is why we have our games consoles and what not in this space, as well as books, magazines and more. The parlour on the other hand does not have any of this. Instead of a comfy corner suite, it is much more likely to have a more formal dining set, with a table in order for discussing important matters. 

Difference between parlor and living room

The main difference between these rooms is that one is formal and one is very informal and one is an informal lounging area. This, i would say is the main difference. The formality is important because this would be a place you can talk to acquaintances without the embarrassment of them coming into your home and invading your privacy and space. 

What is a parlor room in a house

We hope you have an idea now what is a parlour room, and maybe now you will want one in your home! Whatever it is, we hope you love it, and it explains what is a parlor room on your house plans. 

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