Are unique designer items for interior design worth the money

In another hopefully helpful article by “Keep It Cartesian” we show how designer items for interior design give you a chance to express/show your unique sense of style to your home with a personal touch. The creativity and passion that is behind every article of designer items is a true delight. It is worth to spend an extra coin on the distinctive and unique designer interior items to decorate your house rather than using a mass of randomly selected items.

Unique designer items offer you an affordable and easy way of creating a long lasting impact on your interior design. However, you need inspiration in order for you to decide how well to decorate your house using designer home accessories. It is paramount for you to check each room in your home carefully. You should consider the structure and layout of each room and mark spots that you should draw a person’s attention away from. In other words, decide in which areas you will place your designer items. Also, find out what kind of designer items that you will need.


Arne Jacobson Vintage Copper Egg Chair

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobson

Identify Focal Points

When you are considering to buy designer items for your home, it is essential to find focal points in your house where you will place the items once you buy them. A focal point is a place where you would like to draw the eyes to. Some of the items that you can place at such a point include earthenware vase, sculpture or painting to mention just but a few.

It is essential to select only special, unique and lovely items to display and avoid all clutter items. Ensure that you brainstorm and make a possible list of items that you will need. Also, make sure that you group the designer items that you need according to theme or style. This handy guide by The Spruce called “Creating and defining a focal point” goes into detail about identifying focal points. You can group the items as follows:

  • Object type
  • Glass
  • Color
  • Porcelain

A typical focal point of a room

A typcial fireplace focal point

image sourced from The Spruce



Plan Your Approach

Once you know the kind of designer items that you require, it will be easy to find them. Moreover, it will be easy for you to be creative and stylish. However, do not be too strict such that it will be devoid of creativity and expression. It is essential to have a thematic approach to ensure that each display will be symmetrical.

You can use different splashes of colors and textures to bring liveliness to your home. For instance, if you want to display family pictures, buy similar but non-identical frames that complement each other and match with the theme of your house. You can use things like:

For a more detailed deep dive into this topic head over to “Jack Brunsdon`s” to the article “How to approach an interior design project


Find The Best Prices

When you are purchasing designer interior design items, it is better to buy online because you are likely to find more options. There are numerous talented designers online who have unique and quality designer items for interior design like Claire Davies from ““. Compared to mainstream stores, they have a wider range of unique designer items often exclusively sold by them alone.

Most importantly, purchasing your designer interior design items online allows you to compare prices from different retailers and hence get the best deal for your money.



There are numerous unique designer interior design items available on the market today. You can be sure of finding special, unique, lovely and quality designer items that will help you to come up with a beautiful, warm and inviting interior of your home. Designer interior design items for interior home design are worth spending your money on.

Are unique designer items for interior design worth the money is courtesy of Keep It Cartesian Minimalist


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